Nothing helps clients remember you more than their experience interacting with you and your brand. Whether before, during, or after working with you, an online assessment drives that experience and interaction.

Online assessments are engaging marketing and lead gen tools, but how can you take things further? Interactive and engaging marketing is critical to making you and your business successful – because it makes you stand out! Someone may not yet be a customer, but you can engage them with an interactive assessment.


How Are You Already Interacting With Clients?

Examining how you already interact with them is a great place to start. Are you hosting webinars? Great! Try using online assessments with, or within, your webinars. Check out this article on how to use pre-assessments or assessments during and after your webinar to gain valuable insights into your audience. Like an interactive quiz, an assessment lets you provide these new clients with custom-tailored recommendations, even mid-webinar if you’d like. Talk about looking like a pro!

Assessment Ideas that Drive Interaction

Assessment Placements for Engagement 

The placement of your assessment is an important piece for your overall engagement and interaction with clients. For example, does it pop up on your website, making it easy to find and enticing to click on? To keep assessments top-of-mind for new and current clients, consider linking to them in your email signature, blog posts, or social media platforms.

These call-outs don’t need just to say “click here for assessment” on them, either. Get creative with your links and copy. What do your ideal clients want and need? Draft some enticing words that would draw them in and relate to your assessment and bam! — instant clicks and assessment-takers await you.

Assessment Ideas that Drive Interaction

Use Assessments to Provide Tailored Feedback

Take a moment and think about how many assessments you’ve ever taken that felt like they were truly tailored to you — either during or after. Is it a lot? Probably not.

You, as an entrepreneur, have an incredible opportunity with assessments to reach out to your clients and make them feel seen and heard – at scale! The assessments you build should gather information on your clients while showcasing what you do best and most effectively.

By giving this tailored feedback to your clients (in the form of their assessment results or report), you are providing your valuable expertise to them for free. This does two things — first, it gives you credibility as an expert in your field. Second, perhaps more importantly, it leverages the reciprocity principle of marketing. By giving them your advice or analysis for free, they are more likely to engage with you to “return the favor.”

This feedback is at the core of assessments, providing value to entice clients to work with you. You get to learn about someone even before they become a client, and they get to learn about you — with the added bonus of some specific feedback. There’s no better way to engage and interact with someone than if you are already working together — it can make the process of actually working together afterward seem like a no-brainer!

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Cindy Sideris

Cindy Sideris

Cindy Sideris is a NY-based writer passionate about engagement marketing and an expert on online assessment strategy.