We are very excited to announce the latest addition to Assessment Generator, based on your feedback!

We’ve just added a new way to configure your type-based assessments so you can provide score-based feedback to your respondents for each of your types.

As you know, we offer both simple assessments and type-based assessments:

Simple assessments allow you to provide one overall score for your respondents. You set up score ranges with interpretations for each so that your respondents will have detailed feedback on what their score means.

Type-based assessments have long been a unique and powerful feature of Assessment Generator. They give you the ability to ask a series of questions, identify the respondent’s highest(or lowest)-scoring type based on their responses, and provide one set of explanations related to their type.

Similar to how it works for simple assessments, you can now set-up score ranges for each of your assessment types and add your interpretation content for what it means to score in each of those score ranges.  Your respondent will automatically receive your detailed feedback on their results for each of your assessment types.

For example, let’s say you’re creating an assessment that helps the respondent identify stress in different aspects of their life — financial stress, relationship stress, career stress, etc. Our original method would allow you to identify in which area the respondent is experiencing the most stress and provide content for that area.

Now you can configure your assessment to provide tailored content based on your respondents’ scores in every area.

For example,

  • You scored high in financial stress. This means that…
  • You scored low in relationship stress. This means that…
  • You scored medium in career stress. This means that…

How to set it up

When you edit your type-based assessment, you’ll see a new setting on the Types tab allowing you to specify how you would like the result presented:

When you select the second option, you’ll be asked whether to use automatic or manual scoring. Manual scoring allows you to specify the numeric score ranges used for each of your score interpretations. Automatic scoring sets that up for you by dividing the total possible score for each type by the number of score interpretations you create for each type.

When you create a new type for your assessment, you’ll see a button below the type description titled “Add Score Interpretation.” Click that to add a new score range to the type. For example, if you’d like to show content based on High, Medium, and Low scores, you’d create three score interpretations.

Our user guide has more information on creating types and score ranges. As always, if you have any questions or need help, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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Jennifer Sparks

Jennifer Sparks

Jen, co-owner / CEO of Agolix by Assessment Generator, loves to help clients connect with their prospects & clients via automated online assessments that deliver detailed feedback, advanced reporting, and branded PDF reports.