Creating versatile assessments in Agolix by Assessment Generator is a great way to stand out from the competition and generate useful data. There are many use cases for an assessment or quiz – from tracking and assessing skills, generating leads, coaching, and more! Read on below for some inspiration and examples of the incredible versatility of Agolix!

Businesses and Coaches

Whether you’re a business owner, business coach, or life coach, an assessment by Agolix can be a game-changing tool in your toolkit! What you’re doing is establishing credibility and trust. An assessment for a business coach can help you generate and manage new leads, onboard a new client, manage your relationship and progress with them, and even offboard them if and when the time comes.

As a coach, a crucial reason for using assessments is to identify and measure a client’s strengths, weaknesses, or skill sets – and how your services can improve upon them. Use an assessment to show their progress based on your teachings and expertise or to measure future goals. If you’re operating within an organization, you could also measure progress across different organizations.

Learn how versatile Agolix is as an assessment tool or quiz tool


Human Resources

Business assessments within an organization are a great way to track employee performance and morale. For example, maybe you want to learn more about how your employees feel about a big organizational change – or how they would react to a future change. You could also use an assessment to track employee performance over time. An assessment could also be a great way to test the perception of your company or organization from the outside! There are many more ways you can utilize an assessment within an organization – but these are some of the most frequently used.

Assessing Skill Levels and Tracking Skill Improvement

A great way to utilize assessments with employees and clients is to track their skill levels. This lets your skills shine, as you can measure their level of improvement from working with you! Let’s say you’re an entrepreneur who has new clients. Give an assessment to gauge where they’re at with a certain skill. Then, quarterly, you have them retake the assessment to track their progress. Not only is this a tangible way of tracking progress with data, but it allows you to hone in on which areas may need more focus as they progress.

Within an organization, this kind of assessment can also be used to track employee progress and mastery of skills. Let’s say you have a new salesperson who is pretty green, but you’ve provided some training within your organization on improving their skills. Try using an assessment further to quantify results with data versus general perception of performance.


Lead Gen/Landing Pages

Finally, assessments are an incredible lead-generating tool! Agolix allows you to automate your lead gen communications through integrations and can easily be integrated into your current strategy. One great use case is with webinars; include an assessment for attendees to take before, during, or after your webinar (or a combination of those) to learn more about webinar attendees and how you can best serve them. It’s like a special set of bonus information that you can run with!

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Cindy Sideris

Cindy Sideris

Cindy Sideris is a NY-based writer passionate about engagement marketing and an expert on online assessment strategy.