Total Assessment Services

Get the help you need to create and customize your assessment… and get it live!

At Your Service

Don’t have time to create your assessment or need help with special requirements? We can help!

  • Build your assessment: If you know what questions you want to ask and how you want to score your assessment, we can create it in your account for you.
  • Design and build your assessment: If you have a general idea for your assessment, we’ll use AI to create questions, introductory material, and feedback, then create a working assessment for you.
  • Customizations: If you have specific or unique requirements for scoring, charts, or reports, our flexible system allows us to customize your assessment to meet your needs.
  • Validation: Need expert guidance in designing a non-biased and accurate assessment? Work with a psychometric consultant to design a robust assessment and implement it with Agolix!
At Your Service
VIP Treatment

Build Your Assessment

Feel like a VIP as we build your assessment for you!

If you know the questions you want to ask, how to score your your assessment, and the feedback you want to provide, but just don’t have the time to build the assessment yourself, our experts will work with you to understand your requirements and build a beautiful, branded, and ready to use assessment, typically within a week. 

Pricing starts at $295.

Contact us to meet with our team and get started.

Design & Build Your Assessment

Let us do the legwork! All you need is a general idea of the goals and topic of your assessment, and we can take it from there. We’ll use AI to:

  • Write your questions
  • Write introductory and concluding material
  • Write individual, score based feedback.

Next we’ll build the final assessment in your account for you and add graphical elements that complement your brand. We’ll give you a complete tour of the final product so you’ll understand how to modify it if you need to.

Pricing starts at $495.

Contact us so we can learn more about your needs!

Design & Build Assessment Services
Human Leader Index Custom PDF Report

Custom Assessment Services

Have specific or unique requirements for your assessment? We can help! Our unique plugin architecture allows us to customize the response processing and reporting of your assessment just for you.

We can create:

  • Custom scoring algorithms
  • Custom charts
  • Custom reports

Custom PDF Reports

If you have a specific requirement for the report produced by your assessment, we can make it happen. Many of our clients have worked with graphic designers to create beautiful, professional, and unique reports to take their brand to the next level. These reports can include just about anything you can imagine, including customized scoring and graphs.

Just send us a mockup of what your report will look like, and we’ll create a proposal to meet your needs. Contact us today to get started! 

Assessment Validation Services

Need individualized guidance from an assessment expert?

Are you looking for someone with deep assessment experience who can improve your assessment or help you create a new one from scratch? We can help! Our expert assessment service helps you with the following:

  • Identifying the best type of assessment for your business and clientele
  • Using best practices for question writing to ensure each question adds value to your assessment
  • Improving the validity and reliability of your assessment
  • Analyzing your assessment data to identify themes/insights from questions and demographics
  • Creating meaningful feedback reports
  • And more!
Click here to learn more about our Assessment Validation Services.
Assessment Validation