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16 November 2023 

There are a few legal policies that apply to your use of our services, products or websites. This document is a brief abstract of our legal policies – our attempt to make the legalese a little easier to digest. We strongly encourage you to read our legal policies in their entirety and be sure you agree to all terms before using any of our services, products or websites.

By using the Agolix services, products or websites, you are entering into a binding contract with us, which is made up of the following documents:

Terms and Conditions

the main agreement you’re making in order to use and access our services, products and websites

Additional Terms

some Agolix products and services are subject to additional written agreements

Privacy Policy

explains how we collect and use the information you give us

Data Processing Addendum

governs our processing of personal data on behalf of creators of assessments using the Agolix platform


Here’s a quick rundown of what these legal policies are all about:

  • We understand, respect and protect your rights, privacy and data, and also your respondents’ rights, privacy and data.
  • We expect you to mutually respect your respondents’ privacy and data; and do not misuse Agolix’s services, products or websites.

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