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Assessment Generator started in 2004 as a simple lead generation tool to provide quizzes with feedback for coaches. In 2008, after working as a virtual assistant to the founder and developer of the software, Kathy Sparks took over the business.

In 2016, Jennifer and Witt Sparks purchased Assessment Generator, and Witt, a professional software developer, immediately embarked on a 2-year project to rebuild and modernize the platform.

Today, diverse clients from six continents trust Agolix by Assessment Generator for lead generation and other aspects of their coaching and consulting businesses. Our clients rely on our ability to deliver customized results to their respondents and appreciate the best-in-class, personal customer service that only a small company can provide.

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Our Mission

We are on a mission to help experts and change-makers broaden their impact and share their expertise at scale. By providing respondents with detailed and customized insights, online assessments provide tangible value to both the assessment author and the respondent.

Our job and joy is perfecting our versatile online assessment tool and facilitating scalable high-touch services that meet our clients’ unique needs. We specialize in providing unmatched customization, so our clients don’t have to reign in their expectations when they choose us.

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Our Team

Jen Sparks

Dr. Jennifer Sparks

Jen loves helping people solve problems. During her previous career as a project manager in the aerospace industry, her mad organizational skills helped her to lead teams and projects to success, streamlining them along the way to make them run more efficiently and with less effort.

As any entrepreneur knows, running a small business makes you the wearer of many hats. With management skills honed in industry, she can do everything from helping clients with unique solutions to their problems to developing marketing strategies and a vision for the future of the product.

Jen’s other passion is travel. As the author of the book “Slow Travel,” she loves exploring different cultures and landscapes and experiencing the amazing beauty our world has to offer.

Witt Sparks

Building on a successful career in software development, Witt brings his sharp focus and engineering acumen to making Agolix a user-friendly and reliable tool for creating and delivering custom assessments. 

Witt loves making complex technology accessible to everyone, and that manifests itself in the continuing evolution of Agolix.

In addition to sharing Jen’s passion for travel, Witt loves the outdoors, especially human-powered adventure. When he’s not coding, he can be found hiking, skiing, or river surfing.

Witt Sparks
Annette Rotthoff

Annette Rotthoff
Client Success

After COVID disrupted her career as an optical technician, Annette brought her skills to the world of technology by helping Agolix clients build beautiful assessments. Their loss is our clients’ gain. With a gift for listening and understanding, Annette has helped many clients get their assessments looking and working exactly as they’d like.

When she’s not aiding clients, Annette enjoys reading, biking, hiking, and being in nature.

Not sure if Agolix is the right platform for your business? Have a specific requirement for your assessment? Schedule an appointment with Annette, and she’ll be happy to help you!

Kalecia Grier
Client Success, Design & Coding

With a strong background in graphic design, extensive client relations experience, and coding knowledge, Kalecia excels at merging artistry and functionality in her career. She possesses a deep understanding of design principles, typography, and color theory.

Kalecia has a remarkable ability to actively listen, comprehend client needs, and transform their vision into tangible results. Her technical skills allow her to integrate design elements into intuitive and functional interfaces, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Applying her expertise, Kalecia is prepared to tackle new challenges, contribute to innovative projects, and make a lasting impact in the ever-evolving world of design and technology. Schedule a meeting with Kalecia today!

Kalecia Grier
Cindy Sideris
Cindy Sideris

Copywriter Extraordinaire

Cindy is a writer based in NY who helps companies find their creative voice and craft compelling copy that will help them grow and thrive! She loves to mix creativity and the arts with business and enjoys writing about and for startups and small businesses.

Cindy spent the past decade working in grant writing and fundraising at NYU’s film school and more recently manages platform resources and partnerships for startups at the accelerator 43North. She is a huge musical theatre fan, a lyricist, and a member of the BMI Musical Theatre Advanced Workshop and The Dramatists Guild.

Check Off Your List
Marketing Assistance & Bookkeeping

We are proud partners with the experts at Check Off Your List, who are an essential and integral part of our team.

With their help, we have up-leveled our operations, which enables us to grow and serve our clients even better.

Check Off Your List