Assessment Tools For Executive Coaching

Assessments can help unlock leadership teams’ potential

Assessment Tools For Executive Coaching

If your business focuses on coaching for executive leadership teams, you need data-driven business practices that meet the same standards that your clients set for their business. Our assessment tools will be a key part of your executive coaching practice from lead generation through wrap-up. Assessments can help provide key insights into areas of opportunity for any leadership team: 

  • Cross-disciplinary communication
  • Adaptability & Resilience
  • Decisive Action
  • Strategic Thinking & Vision
  • Conflict Management & Empathy

Assessments For Business Coaches

Tap into your clients’ potential as well as your own, by using our assessment tools to identify the leadership skills they need to help their business excel, all while increasing your own efficiency and client base.

Our assessment tools can provide crucial information at every step of your relationship with your client, from an initial surveying of their leadership team and employees, to ongoing progress assessments and customer satisfaction reports.

Our assessment tools are also excellent for increasing lead generation for your coaching business via engagement marketing.

Assessment Generator offered me exactly what I wanted – it’s easy to use, and very well-designed. I’m very picky in design, and their platform helped us to customize the way we want.

Phillipe Grall, Leadership Coach for CEOs

Take a look at our packaged assessments.

You can use them “as-is” in your coaching practice or modify them to meet your needs.

Advanced Features and Ease of Use

Agolix by Assessment Generator offers advanced features, including automated scoring and feedback, the ability to award scores in multiple categories, and the ability to match your branding using colors and logos.

You’ll be up and running with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. Or purchase our Done-for-you service, and we’ll create a beautiful and engaging assessment for you. All you have to do is tell us what questions you want to ask, how you want to score your assessment, and what feedback you want to provide.

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