Donald E. Coleman

“It’s awesome because I don’t have to do the work, and once I set it up, I can put it on my website and use it a number of different ways to provide value and to provide opportunities to talk to people more in-depth.”  ...

Sandy Gerber

“This tool is easy to use and has options to customize questions. It is reliable and a key aspect of my marketing platform.”

Fred Diamond

“Easy to use. Instant results available to users on-screen and via email. These features make the tool extremely engaging.”

Michael Evans

“The best thing is the customer service and one-on-one attention till you’re completely satisfied with the product. They offer a very personalized one on one relationship that makes any project from birth to cradle seamless. Able to transformer ideas my undeveloped...

Dave Zwicker

“Assessment Generator is an easy-to-use tool for anyone who delivers professional services to clients. It acts as your “freemium” by allowing clients to experience your problem-solving approach prior to signing up. When you create an assessment, you are beginning the...