Lead magnet landing pages are crafted with one main goal in mind: to drive lead generation.  Like a magnet – they should hook potential customers in as leads!

A strategic way to capture leads on a page such as this is with an assessment. This can be done with an embedded or pop-up assessment option once someone lands on your page.

Utilizing an assessment in this way provides a streamlined option to collect information and automatically include prospective leads in your funnel. Assessments help you do this at scale – once you create a lead magnet assessment, you can let it work FOR you across many leads!

In this blog, we’ll discuss in further detail how to build effective lead magnet landing pages with assessments. 

What are Lead Magnet Landing Pages?

Lead magnet landing pages often keep it short and sweet, skipping the hard sell. Instead, they’re all about luring in and snagging those fresh leads, with the hope that they’ll eventually become paying customers down the road!

Lead magnet landing pages ideally want to convert visitors to leads. (Later on, we’ll worry about converting those leads to sales!)

So, how do you attract these leads? Specifically with a lead magnet landing page, you want to draw leads in with a compelling offer. This will drive engagement, and draw potential customers into your business. The more leads you can capture, the stronger your funnel and future sales will be.

Have you ever thought of enhancing the effectiveness of your lead magnets by using assessments?

An online assessment can immediately capture someone’s attention – which in this day and age is HUGE! Think about it – if someone has made their way to a landing page on your site, they’re already interested. How do you keep them interested? By providing a short assessment!  

Benefits of Using Assessments as Lead Magnets

Incorporating assessments as a lead magnet offers multifaceted benefits, as they not only generate leads but also qualify them.

First, you’re engaging new clients who have found their way to you, providing a new experience for them. This type of engaging content truly captivates participants, leaving a lasting impression of you and your business.

Secondly, you’re gathering and gaining valuable information from their answers – information that you can then use to follow up! This information can be pivotal for lead segmentation and targeting in the future (think: “leads from holiday website assessment”). You can acquire email addresses, grow your prospect list, and tailor engagements based on assessment scores or any other metric of your choice.

Furthermore, assessments provide a fantastic opportunity to showcase your expertise. As mentioned earlier regarding follow-ups, you can offer personalized recommendations based on their assessment answers. This allows you to shine and share your knowledge without investing excessive time, establishing yourself as a credible source for potential leads. Plus, assessments can also qualify leads, providing valuable insights into their needs and preferences right from the start.

Key Components of a Lead Magnet Page with an Assessment

How do you start creating a lead magnet page with an assessment? 

We’ve got some tips and tricks to share below, including the key components of a lead magnet landing page containing an assessment:

  1. Attention-grabbing headlines – this is the first thing a prospect will see when they get to your landing page – so make it good! What’s your hook?
  1. Description of the assessment and its benefits – before someone takes the assessment, give them some context. This could be in the form of a short description or examples, highlighting WHY they should take it!
  1. Call-to-action (CTA) prompting visitors to take the assessment – a strong CTA is critical here. This could be a button (“Click here to find out what type of employee you are!”) or some other enticing form of link.
  1. Form fields to capture lead information – once you have someone ready to take your assessment, make sure you’re capturing all of the information you need to keep in touch with them afterward!
  1. Visual elements to enhance the user experience – these could be anything from background images to your brand’s logo or colors. Feel free to personalize and accentuate the lead magnet page and assessment itself to be eye-catching and a seamless part of your branding!

Building a Lead Magnet Page with an Assessment

It’s go time! You’re ready to start building your lead magnet page and subsequent assessment.

But now – which type of assessment do you choose?

First, think about what information you are looking to gather. That will help guide which types of assessments and questions you choose to use.

Secondly, think about who your target audience is. What will speak to them the most? What types of questions will gather the most information in an unbiased way? With Assessment by Agolix, you have the flexibility to customize your assessments in almost any way you want!

Finally, make sure your assessment is seamlessly integrated into your lead magnet landing page. This could be done in a variety of ways – a CTA button, a pop-up box, and more. What makes the most sense for your landing page? What makes the most sense for those visiting your page – do you want them to read some content first, or see the assessment option right away?

Once your lead magnet landing page is up and running with an assessment, you can also bring in more digital marketing strategies. Test your page for conversion rate optimization (CRO), click-thru rates (CTR), or page views/time spent on the page.

Integrating Assessments into Your Lead Generation Strategy

Congrats! You should now have a comprehensive understanding of how to utilize an assessment on your lead magnet landing page.

Moving forward, how else can you integrate assessments into your lead-generation strategy?

Assessments are an invaluable tool for bringing automation to your lead-generation process. 

Imagine you’re a life coach, and you link to an assessment across various prospect communications – such as email signatures and newsletters. With automation, those leads collected from the assessment responses can seamlessly become part of your marketing funnel. Whether utilizing Zapier for automated emails or adding new contacts to your mailing list, there are a variety of options available to you.

Agolix’s advanced features seamlessly integrate assessments with various CRM software, allowing you to continue meaningful conversations with respondents long after they complete their assessment. You can tag new leads to make follow-up easier, knowing exactly where a prospect came from – and what content may fit their needs best.

As you gather data, you can continue to refine your lead magnet pages. Are your assessments working? How can you optimize them for better results?

Don’t be afraid to continually refine how you share the assessments, where they’re placed, and what content and questions they contain. It’s ok to start with someone on the shorter end – especially when engaging with new leads. You want to gather the information you need while ensuring the assessment-taking process is simple and easy for a prospect.

Assessments are a key tool to utilize in your lead-generation process. When creating a strong lead magnet landing page, an assessment provides an opportunity to gather valuable data while engaging a new prospect.

Are you excited about this way of engaging new leads? Get started with a lead generating-assessment of your own here today!

Cindy Sideris
Cindy Sideris

Cindy Sideris is a NY-based writer passionate about engagement marketing and an expert on online assessment strategy.