Assessments use engagement marketing, which makes them a key tool in an effective lead-generation strategy. An assessment can capture information from hot or cold leads, allowing you to continue communication and hopefully convert them! Read on for some strategies and best practices when using assessments for lead gen.

Landing Pages for Lead Gen

Have you ever thought about putting an assessment on a landing page? This is a great tactic to use to immediately capture someone’s attention — and hopefully their information as well!

By having an assessment on your landing page, you can draw in potential customers who are already interested in you and what you’re offering (they’re on your landing page already, of course!) By having an assessment for them to take – and feel free to keep it short and sweet – you’re encouraging them to engage and interact with you from the get-go. You’re also able to gather valuable information about them that can help with follow-up… and, hopefully, convert them to paying customers!

Using Assessments as a Lead Gen Strategy

Follow Up with Automated Marketing

Another benefit of assessments in your lead gen strategy is that you can automatically send respondent contact info to your marketing automation software with an advanced or higher account on Agolix. Integrate with Zapier to connect to such tools as MailChimp or Google for lead capturing and tracking. 

When you do so, your contacts from an assessment are seamlessly integrated into your marketing plans. You can tag these folks as “new leads” and create specific campaigns on the marketing side of things to continue engaging and interacting with them throughout the conversion funnel.

Assessments with other Lead Gen Tools

Do you have some current lead gen tools working for you? That’s ok – assessments can easily work alongside them to increase conversions! Let’s say you’re hosting a webinar– why not try to have attendees interact with an assessment? This can happen before, during, or after the webinar and gives both parties useful information and feedback. 

Another way to combine assessments with your current lead gen tools is to incorporate assessments into your current content strategy. Perhaps you link out an Instagram Story to an assessment, allowing your followers to interact with you in a new way.

The possibilities are truly endless! Are you ready to get started with assessments for your lead generation? Click here to try them out for yourself!

Cindy Sideris

Cindy Sideris

Cindy Sideris is a NY-based writer passionate about engagement marketing and an expert on online assessment strategy.