Heidi Hanna’s Story

How Agolix by Assessment Generator Works With Her Business

Heidi Hanna is an author, speaker, and an authority on stress mastery and brain-based health and performance. Heidi has had huge success using Assessment Generator by sharing her assessments in-person from a stage. She naturally connects and engages with audiences large and small using assessments, and we’re so excited to dive into how she did it and how you can utilize some of these tips and tricks as well!

Sharing Assessments in Advance

When Heidi first began to use assessments, she thought it would be valuable to have attendees at conferences or speaking engagements take the assessment ahead of time. This allows for your audience to have information going into an event, and allows for greater interactivity between you (as a speaker) and your audience.

Heidi Hanna, Speaker

Let’s set the stage (literally) for a second here: you’re sitting in the audience of a massive auditorium. Heidi comes onstage to address the nearly 10,000 people around you, saying “within this room, our highest stress factors are x, y, and z.” You hear nods and murmurs of agreement around you, and immediately feel seen and heard. Talk about an attention-grabbing opening! Don’t worry if your audience isn’t as large, either – this type of experience can happen in a small room with just a handful of participants as well. It’s all about the interactivity between you and your assessment respondents. It’s personalization at scale, which is a huge advantage for you as a business owner. With an assessment completed beforehand, you have the knowledge and the power to steer the conversation – and stand out as a true expert.

Heidi Hanna, Speaker

Tip: Worried about people not taking your assessment beforehand? That’s ok! Keep it short and sweet, and offer a quick sentence about WHY it will be helpful to attendees to share this information in advance. If they still don’t participate – which happens to Heidi as well – she includes the assessment as an option for post-talk along with recommendations. There is no right or wrong time for someone to take an assessment, and you can be flexible and test out your approach over time.

Assessments for Teams

While Heidi is a pro at addressing large conferences of people, most of the time her audiences are smaller teams at organizations. To tailor her assessment approach, she will give recommendations and a short 10-question assessment during a session, with a few minutes to complete and go over it.

“I don’t want them to have to do more. I want to be able to give them everything they need. So with the assessment, for me, it’s really a value add of…  if you want to take it and use it, that’s great. And if you don’t, that’s fine.” If her audience is also working with a coach and seems more invested, she’ll share a longer version (~40 questions) of the assessment with that group.

Does this sound too good to be true? The results don’t lie. The first few years that Heidi used assessments, she ended up with over 50,000 responses. This wealth of data led to a number of insights. For example, the number one source of stress for her audience is feeling like there’s not enough time to get everything done. That insight was a huge breakthrough for Heidi, allowing her to further tailor her messaging and coaching.

Assessments for Workshops and Coaching

Utilizing assessments in workshops allows you to put respondents into small groups where they can have a discussion around their results.  Heidi has also found that assessments lead naturally to coaching services with clients. Supplementing and following up on the assessment with a targeted webinar, online courses, or other offerings keeps you top of mind.

Heidi has also used assessments to train other coaches in her processes. Once completed, the coaches had access to the assessments and to the results, allowing them to provide their own coaching services using Heidi’s methods. This is another great way to scale your services, especially if you are a team of one! These strategies have paid off – a lot of times, organizations will continue to work with Heidi. “I think the fact that whether or not I’m using the assessment, I always have a training toolkit. I always have resources.” These resources and tools bring something tangible and measurable to the table.

Winning Emotionally with Data

For Heidi, especially working in a more emotion-driven area, getting insight to her audience has been the biggest win from using assessments. “I’m emotionally driven in my business… so anytime I can get that win with data, and I can see them getting a win with data… that feels like my biggest win.” Heidi can now look at data and draw conclusions from over 50,000 respondents. There is also the personal aspect to the assessment results and feedback: people enjoy learning about themselves. Heidi also likes to use assessment results as just that – results given to clients to add value. Not everything needs to be monetized or paywalled immediately. Building that personal relationship is key.

At Agolix, the personal relationship is critical for us as well. When we asked Heidi her favorite part of working with Assessment Generator, that rang true. “At the beginning, my favorite part of working with Assessment Generator was the simplicity… it was really easy to do. As I evolved, my honest answer has been working with you… that’s really helpful actually having a person behind the company.”

We’re honored to have Heidi as a client, and so proud of the work she has done! If you’d like to learn more about Heidi and her services, visit her website.

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