Success Stories

Donald E. Coleman

“It’s awesome because I don’t have to do the work, and once I set it up, I can put it on my website and use it a number of different ways to provide value and to provide opportunities to talk to people more in-depth.”


Donald Coleman Semper Kaizen logo

Donald E. Coleman, ACC

Joe Dudley

Excellent software, especially for type assessments. It provides great ease of use for my clients. Plus, the company continues to upgrade the platform as technology evolves. Customer service is always responsive to my needs.”

Joe Dudley Jr, President

Nathan Cowles

“We used this for a simple customer quiz on our site, and I was very impressed with the performance. It was customizable enough for it to look native to our site. Overall, great product.”

Nathan Cowles logo

Nathan Cowles, Digital Media Manager

Barbara Babish

“What I like the most about Assessment Generator is the “ease of use”. I was able to figure out most of it all by myself. If I needed help I was able to get it quickly. (It was always something I had missed when reading the directions, or I missed something that was on the page already there for me.)”

Barbara Babish, Founder/Manager

Walt Bennett

“This platform was incredibly easy to use and intuitive to learn. I had our first assessment up and running just an hour after logging in. For our applications, we needed some pretty complex customization. The AG team was incredibly responsive and really dug in to fully understand what we were trying to accomplish. Once the direction was set, they quickly accomplished the programming and came in on budget and on time. When tweaks have been needed (due to our miscalculations, not theirs), they were on it quickly and efficiently. They have become an integral part of our team. Assessment Generator is a natural extension of our own team. Their platform and expertise has allowed us to rapidly upgrade our assessment complexity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Setting up and launching our first assessment took less than an hour. The interfaces are intuitive and yet robust. Reporting capabilities and ability to customize those reports is a critical functionality that Assessment Generator has in spades. When we were first considering adopting the platform, question randomization was not an option. I e-mailed support to ask if I just wasn’t looking in the right place. They informed me that they were working on that feature and it should be launched soon. Within a week, it was there! I realize that they had been working on this feature already and that it was just coincidence that it came out just as I was asking about it. But this demonstrated to me that they are listening to clients and actively working on improvements based upon their clients needs.”

Organic Outreach Logo

Walt Bennett, Pastor/President

Robin Goodbary

“Helpful support, easy to input, then it does what it’s supposed to do. I can set it and forget it.”

Robin Goodbary, Owner

Craig Stevenson

Ease of use across all aspects, development, deployment, variety of options for creatingcustom assessments

Craig Stevenson, Principal

Vern Schellenger

“Working with Assessment Generator has been one of the best customer service experiences I have had this past year, It was easy to load our assessment on to their platform, We made suggestions to improve our assessment and Assessment Generator was able to handle them with ease.”

Vern Schellenger, President & CEO

Andy Traub

Custom branding of each assessment is one of the best features. Multiple question types and customized questions make Assessment Generator the best fit to evaluate incoming clients. We emailed customer service about how to display the answers to our questions in a grid in the reports. They responded quickly with step-by-step instructions that were beneficial to our assessment. The ability to edit the look and layout of our reports makes the entire process look professional to our clients.”

Andy Traub logo

Andy Traub, CEO

Shae Bynes

Easy to use tool for onboarding clients, good user interface/user experience.”

Shae Bynes logo

Shae Bynes, CEO

Jim Schreier, Founder

“I’ve used the Assessment Generator to create assessments for several different environments: an assessment of “future” thinking on technologies, an HR/Career Assessment of Burnout, and an assessment of “Time Focus.” I like the flexibility of the creation process, particularly the ability to duplicate questions to preserve the options/format for answers. The main reason I originally tried AG was the ability to calculate responses into categories — something I could not find or do with “survey software.”

Jim Schreier, Founder

Jim Purcell

“Ease of use; great reporting. Setting it up was relatively easy. Particularly the scoring system, which I expected would be difficult. Great supportive help from AG staff. Also, they were responsive to follow-up calls.”

Jim Purcell logo

Jim Purcell, Founder

Antoine Carrière

“Incredible team. Great support. Customization options. Quality reports. “

Antoine Carrière, Founder

Robert Teschner

“It works. It does what I need it to, and we’ve designed a professional feel to maximize the effectiveness of the instrument.”

Robert Teschner, CEO

Amii Barnard-Bahn, CEO

“I have loved being able to send assessments to my newsletter subscribers that I find of high value.”

Amii Barnard-Bahn, CEO

Amanda Acker

“I really liked the fact that I could customize the assessment with the appropriate colors and fonts to match our branding. I also liked that I could create different segments and the scoring set up was intuitive.”

Amanda Acker, Business Manager

Sandy Gerber

“This tool is easy to use and has options to customize questions. It is reliable and a key aspect of my marketing platform.”

Sandy Gerber, CMO

Teresa Mitrovic

“The range of functionality at this price point was unparalleled when we chose it. It allowed us to create bespoke assessments that provide meaningful results for our clients, rather than having to fit into the box of big brand survey tools or quiz software.”

Teresa Mitrovic, Founder

Roslyn Dy

Value for the money is good. Also, our survey had some elements that are not in the template models, so Customer Service set it up for us exactly how it needed to be. They were very helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, and got back to us (either phone or email) right away. I think everything took no more than 3 days from my 1st phone call to them, to the purchase of their plan, to their completion of our custom survey.”

Roslyn Dy, Graphic Artist

Fred Diamond

“Easy to use. Instant results available to users on-screen and via email. These features make the tool extremely engaging.”

Fred Diamond, Principle

Michael Evans

“The best thing is the customer service and one-on-one attention till you’re completely satisfied with the product. They offer a very personalized one on one relationship that makes any project from birth to cradle seamless. Able to transformer ideas my undeveloped ideas into functional and profitable assessments. If you need Assessment work done and or a platform to deliver your assessments, no-need to look any further.”

Michael Evans, Owner

Dave Zwicker

“Assessment Generator is an easy-to-use tool for anyone who delivers professional services to clients. It acts as your “freemium” by allowing clients to experience your problem-solving approach prior to signing up. When you create an assessment, you are beginning the engagement with potential clients in a virtual way. You are raising their awareness about a problem or a need they have. And you are collecting important discovery information along with their contact info. I had my first assessment created and embedded on my website in minutes. It has many flexible ways to construct your assessment – and accessible in a free trial.”

Dave Zwicker logo

Dave Zwicker, CMO

Morag Barrett

“I love the ease of the platform, it took me minutes to create my first assessment. The support from the team has been great as I then developed a customized report that they programmed in for me. Top shelf!

The interface is intuitive and easy to use. My first assessment tool was up and running within a very short space of time.

What can I say? Fantastic service, easy to use the platform, I would highly recommend Assessment Generator.”

Morag Barrett, CEO

Rob Portnoy

“Excellent support both ”out of the box” and creative development. Often reaching out to their leadership team, responses are timely and responsive to meeting my objectives. Assessment Generator is at the top of its field both in customer care and technical capabilities. I always look forward to talking with them no matter what the platform whether email or Zoom.

Rob Portnoy, President

Jay Allen

“Having previously tried 3 other iterations from competitors only to get frustrated in either lack of useability, functionality or ease of use, I ‘stumbled’ across Assessment Generator.
At first, I was hesitant and rather skeptical, yet [their experts] quickly put me at ease.
The software does exactly what it claims to, and very well. It’s relatively easy to use, there is plenty of help and advice available, and the customer services team are quick to respond and exceptional in the quality of service.
Overall I’m delighted with both the product and service and now looking for other ways I can make even more use of the tools available. “

Jay Allen, Founder

Angela Heath

“This is an easy-to-use resource to conduct assessments. It is excellent to use as a lead magnet. The pre-made templates can simply be customized and used right away. But what I love the most is the customer service. They will do everything to ensure that you succeed. Being a non techie, that’s huge.”

Angela Heath, CEO

Jeff Cochran

“It was extremely easy to get our custom assessments up and running. My business is built on the back of custom assessments, and our clients rave about the ease of use and the insight they receive from them. Without Assessment Generator, running our business would be much more difficult. I highly recommend Assessment Generator to any consulting, coaching, or training firm.”

Jeff Cochran Logo

Jeff Cochran, Leadership Consultant

Jeff Atwell

“I like the ability to create what I want and need for my projects. Other vendors with similar products didn’t have the flexibility I was looking for.

My overall experience has been outstanding! The platform is relatively easy to navigate. The customer support has been among the best I’ve experienced and the value offered for the price, no one else is even close.”

Jeff Atwell, Technical Plumbing Coach

Christi Scarrow

Amazing overall experience with the tool and the team. I would highly recommend it to coaches, authors or business owners who are trying to create an engagement tool or lead magnet for their business.”

Christi Scarrow, Partner

Taylor Morrison

“I switched to Assessment Generator from a competitor, and I could not be happier with my choice. It’s far more cost efficient, and the customer service is top notch.”


Taylor Morrison, CEO

Neal Welland

“The product is easy to use and the customer service is excellent

Neal Welland, Opreations Manager

MeiAngelo Taylor

“The ease of use is what I like most about the software.”

MeiAngelo Taylor, President/CEO

Philippe Grall

“This assessment tool is really easy to use: to create assessments and to share them. I like the “group” function a lot. I can use it to share each assessment with different populations or taken from different places.”


Philippe Grall, President

Tres Adames

“There are a ton of customizable features that make your assessments look like they were created in-house just for your business.”

Tres Adames, Director

Deanna Clarance

“The software is easy to setup and to use. The Customer Service was efficient and helpful. Given the price, it has provided us with an excellent value-add for our clients.”

Deanna Clarance, Chief Branding Officer