Do you have a longer assessment and need to offer your respondents a way to save their progress and come back to it later? This feature is often requested by our clients, and we’re happy to announce that we’ve been listening!

At Agolix, we’re always looking for ways to enhance and improve upon the user experience of online assessments. When enabled, this Pause & Resume feature will allow you to better engage with your assessment respondents. It’s allowing your clients to come back to an assessment, and engage with you on their schedule.

In today’s busy world, that is critical. We all know how important flexibility is!

Understanding the Pause & Resume Feature

All right – what do you need to know about this new Pause & Resume feature?

First of all, it allows respondents to save partially completed assessment results and resume them later. This means if someone is partway through an assessment and needs to come back to it for whatever reason – now they can! Instead of hoping their computer doesn’t restart with an update or a tab gets accidentally closed – they can simply pause and come back to the assessment when ready.

There are a few cases where this feature comes in handy:

  • In longer assessments
  • For assessments that request information that may take time for the respondent to gather
  • When an assessment is being used for lead generation and you want to capture contact information even if the respondent doesn’t complete the assessment.

How the Pause & Resume Feature Works

So, how does this feature work, mid-assessment?

There are two ways that progress is saved – an automatic save, and an explicit save.

Automatic Save

Assessment progress is automatically saved on every other question the respondent answers. If the respondent’s internet connection drops or they close their browser tab without submitting the assessment, and they come back to the assessment to re-do it later (using the same email address), they’ll be prompted to either pick up where they left off or start the assessment over.

As an added benefit, the incomplete response is saved in your account, so you’ll still be able to contact them.

Explicit Save

If a respondent decides they need to come back to an assessment later, there is a link at the bottom of each page of questions allowing them to save their responses. When they do that, Agolix will automatically send them an email with a special link they can use to resume the assessment later.

As with all communications with your respondents, you can customize the branding and content of that email, even using different languages if needed. You can also customize the text of the buttons and messages that the respondent sees during the assessment.

Enabling and Personalizing the Pause & Resume Feature

With all of this great functionality – are you ready to enable this feature for your assessments?

First, log into your Agolix account and edit an assessment, where you can enable this feature. In order for it to work correctly, there are a few things that need to be in place.

All of the configuration options for Pause & Resume are found on the Results tab of the assessment editor. You’ll need to configure your assessment to request contact information from respondents before they begin the assessment. That way we can associate their responses with their email address so that we can prompt them to resume their assessment when they start it again using the same email.

Once you’ve done that, a button titled “Handle Incomplete Responses” will be displayed. Clicking that button will bring up a new window. First, select the “Save incomplete responses” checkbox. Next, configure the messaging that will be used with this feature. Complete details on all of these fields can be found in our user guide. 

Save that page and your assessment, and that’s all there is to it! Responses will be saved automatically during the assessment, and respondents can click “save and continue later” at any time to get an email with a link to resume.

We’d also like to note that this feature, like many premium features, is available based on your subscription. If you have Advanced or higher subscriptions, you will be able to access this functionality.

Accessing Incomplete Responses

On the Responses page in your account where you view and export all of the responses to your assessment, you can now filter by complete or incomplete responses. As with the other filters, they are automatically applied when you export your responses to a CSV file.

Benefits of the Pause & Resume Feature

The Pause & Resume Feature is something we’re extremely proud of – and we can’t wait for you to try it out for yourself. 

Not only does it make your life easier as far as data collection and customer service – but it truly enhances the user experience. We’ve all been frustrated when a document or tab is lost before you can save it. Now, with this feature enabled, you won’t have to worry about frustrated clients or leads.

This is a new level of flexibility and accessibility, allowing respondents to complete your assessments at their own pace. This will allow for greater customer satisfaction – since they can now complete an assessment on their own time. This also allows for greater data accuracy and collection, since time is no longer a constraint.

We’ve all been there – you start a survey or assessment, put a good amount of time and effort into it, and then get sidetracked. Then, you come back to it, and all of your hard work is gone – the worst! 

This feature is a way to avoid that and increase your assessment completion rates. An assessment will be harder to “abandon” if you can follow up with respondents that their data is still there – and they can complete it whenever they are able. Just like you wouldn’t let someone abandon their shopping cart on an e-commerce site – don’t let them abandon an assessment so easily!

As we hope you’ve learned today, there are incredible advantages to the Pause & Resume feature. The main benefits for respondents span greater flexibility in time and a lower risk of data loss, while for assessment creators, you are more likely to have greater data collection, increased accuracy of that data, and happier customers. It’s a win-win!


We hope you use this feature to enhance your online assessment experience – creating a straightforward, customer-centric, and engaging experience.

Here at Agolix, we are committed to supporting you in providing innovative assessment solutions to your customers and prospective leads. 

Ready to dive in with this new feature? If you’ve already got an account, check it out in your assessment settings! If not, click here to get started creating your own engaging assessments today!

Cindy Sideris
Cindy Sideris

Cindy Sideris is a NY-based writer passionate about engagement marketing and an expert on online assessment strategy.