Online assessments are an extremely useful tool for lead generation. No matter your industry or business, “lead gen” is a crucial component in building and maintaining a strong pipeline of clients. Assessments are an incredibly powerful lead gen tool, whether you’re looking to engage new clients, retain existing ones, or re-engage past clients.


Draw in new clients with online assessments

An online assessment can draw in a potential client in a variety of ways. Throughout your marketing pipeline, why not offer an assessment that acts as a screening tool for both you and potential clients? This way, someone can get a sneak peek at what it will be like to work with you, and you’ll be able to do the same. This also gives you the opportunity to provide valuable feedback through the assessment’s results, adding value to your potential client’s life before they even begin working with you. What a great way to sell your services! You can then choose to follow up with these respondents as part of your lead gen list (if they’re not already flooding your inbox with emails!)


Lead Generation with Online Assessments

CRM integration with online assessments

So, how can you easily keep track of your leads, especially while using online assessments? With Agolix , the process is seamless! Our software integrates with a variety of CRM software so you can continue the conversation with your respondents after they complete their assessment. Whether you’re using Zapier to send automated emails or add new contacts to your mailing list, the opportunities are endless! Automation and integrations save you valuable time and energy, and once they’re set up they can work for you while you sleep (much like assessments!) It’s a win-win, and a benefit we’re so excited to offer with our assessments.


Online assessments alongside current lead gen tools

Assessments can be used with your current lead gen tools as well. Just think – what better way to really engage participants in a webinar you’re hosting than to have them interact with an assessment. This can happen before, during, or after the webinar, and gives both parties useful information and feedback.

Another way to combine assessments with your current lead gen tools is to incorporate assessments into your current content strategy. Perhaps you link out an Instagram Story to an assessment, allowing your followers to interact with you in a new way.

Maybe you create a Facebook ad that links out to your assessment, and is targeted to specific groups of people that would be your ideal clients – and benefit from your services! There are many ways to get creative with your marketing, and you know best what’s worked for you in the past. Why not try combining your current tactics with an assessment to gain even more strong leads and results!


Lead Generation with Online Assessments Featured


Lead generation follow up with online assessments

You’ve got people to your website, social post, blog, etc. and they’ve clicked on your assessment – great! Now, the question is what do you do with this information? You’ve gathered strong leads in your online assessment funnel, and where you can truly shine is in the follow-up.

Assessments allow you to tailor their results based on how respondents answer, so you can use this moment to truly shine as the subject matter expert you are.

In addition to providing respondents with tailored and personal feedback, you can then follow up even further with a helpful hint or two, or an email about your next course or offering… that is a perfect fit for clients with certain assessment results!

The opportunities are endless when it comes to using online assessment for lead generation. Don’t be afraid to get creative and try new things; it may be just what you need to become a lean, mean lead-generating machine! Go get ‘em!


Cindy Sideris

Cindy Sideris

Cindy Sideris is a NY-based writer passionate about engagement marketing and an expert on online assessment strategy.