Have you ever completed a company’s assessment, and then never heard from that person or business again? What a missed opportunity! If you’re creating valuable assessments for new and current clients alike, it’s essential that you go one step further and truly understand the result of those assessments… alongside your clients! Below, we’ll take a look at a few ways you can ensure that anyone completing your assessments has all the reasons they need to become your client.


Personalized Follow-up to Respondents

There’s no better way to convert a new client who is on the fence than with an authentic and personalized follow-up. Assessments make this easier for you, too, as they provide personalized feedback through their scoring! Once you set up your tailored score interpretations, Agolix will automatically share the corresponding interpretation with each respondent after they complete your assessment. Your follow-up process is personalized, immediate, and automatic.

You could even take this a step further on the productivity train and automate your follow-up sequence! Agolix offers many integrations that let you automate your list building, email campaigns, and follow up. These critical follow-up moments help you stand out from the competition, and let you use your knowledge to enhance the assessment-completion process with a clear, tailored explanation of results and recommendations post-assessment.


From Assessment Respondent to Client

Online Assessments in your Marketing Funnel

Assessments are an excellent tool to add into your existing marketing funnel. Not only do they show off your expertise and provide immediate feedback in the form of their results, but they also- as mentioned above- provide excellent opportunities for follow-ups. You can build a robust follow-up sequence via email (or whichever method you choose) to keep people engaged post-assessment.

Perhaps you start out by including some personalized feedback (aka their results report!) in a follow-up email. Then you could check in and see how they’re using it. All of these emails can be automated and sequenced out in whichever way you’d like. These multiple touchpoints of communication help to keep a potential client engaged and aware of you and your business. If you set this up once, you can watch it work for you!


There are many ways to attract new clients, but with a product like an assessment, you are truly standing out. Not only does an assessment provide interactive and engaging marketing in and of itself, but its results give you prime opportunities to follow up and keep people engaged. It’s a win-win!


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Cindy Sideris

Cindy Sideris

Cindy Sideris is a NY-based writer passionate about engagement marketing and an expert on online assessment strategy.