Donald E. Coleman

“It’s awesome because I don’t have to do the work, and once I set it up, I can put it on my website and use it a number of different ways to provide value and to provide opportunities to talk to people more in-depth.”  ...

Joe Dudley

“Excellent software, especially for type assessments. It provides great ease of use for my clients. Plus, the company continues to upgrade the platform as technology evolves. Customer service is always responsive to my needs.”

Barbara Babish

“What I like the most about Assessment Generator is the “ease of use”. I was able to figure out most of it all by myself. If I needed help I was able to get it quickly. (It was always something I had missed when reading the directions, or I missed something that was...

Walt Bennett

“This platform was incredibly easy to use and intuitive to learn. I had our first assessment up and running just an hour after logging in. For our applications, we needed some pretty complex customization. The AG team was incredibly responsive and really dug in to...

Robin Goodbary

“Helpful support, easy to input, then it does what it’s supposed to do. I can set it and forget it.”