“This platform was incredibly easy to use and intuitive to learn. I had our first assessment up and running just an hour after logging in. For our applications, we needed some pretty complex customization. The AG team was incredibly responsive and really dug in to fully understand what we were trying to accomplish. Once the direction was set, they quickly accomplished the programming and came in on budget and on time. When tweaks have been needed (due to our miscalculations, not theirs), they were on it quickly and efficiently. They have become an integral part of our team. Assessment Generator is a natural extension of our own team. Their platform and expertise has allowed us to rapidly upgrade our assessment complexity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Setting up and launching our first assessment took less than an hour. The interfaces are intuitive and yet robust. Reporting capabilities and ability to customize those reports is a critical functionality that Assessment Generator has in spades. When we were first considering adopting the platform, question randomization was not an option. I e-mailed support to ask if I just wasn’t looking in the right place. They informed me that they were working on that feature and it should be launched soon. Within a week, it was there! I realize that they had been working on this feature already and that it was just coincidence that it came out just as I was asking about it. But this demonstrated to me that they are listening to clients and actively working on improvements based upon their clients needs.”

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Walt Bennett, Pastor/President