Every business needs lead generation – it’s how you stay in business! The process of engaging with prospective customers, nurturing them, and gaining their trust and business can be a complicated one. However, it is a necessary step to maintaining a funnel of current and potential leads.

With surveys and assessments by Agolix, you can easily streamline this process while keeping things personalized.

No matter your industry, needs, or experience level, assessments can help you qualify, engage, and convert leads. Let’s dive into how below!

Lead Generation Across Different Industries

Are you a life coach looking to start conversations and build relationships with potential clients? Maybe you’re an entrepreneur who offers an online workout program, and you want to bring in clients from some new demographics into your virtual classes. 

Lead generation is HUGE for both scenarios, as a constant stream of clients means guaranteed revenue for you. Now, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself, but when lead generation is done correctly, it can be a great tool to help you scale your business.


Diverse Lead Generation Needs Across Industries

As you know, no two businesses are the same — so no two lead-generation strategies will be the same either. Depending on your industry, you may need to adjust your strategy.

For example, if you’re in a more corporate environment, maybe you’re targeting referrals from partners with a specific offering. But if you’re an entrepreneur, you may be looking to engage and educate cold leads from scratch.

This is why it’s so important to incorporate targeted lead-generation strategies into your business. 

What is targeted lead generation, you might ask? Exactly what it sounds like – targeting specific, smaller segments of customers. Target lead generation is crucial because you will reduce dropoff and churn from your targeted outreach, as you’ll be focusing more on the people who want and need you. 

Consider this scenario: imagine you are a wellness coach catering to women in the medical field. This year, you’ve decided to refine your focus further, zeroing in on the nursing profession. Rather than pursuing a wide net over a generic group of female entrepreneurs or individuals of a certain age in a particular geographic area, go deeper. Explore local and regional chapters of healthcare organizations, leverage relevant social media hashtags, and tap into partner networks. By avoiding the pursuit of a broad spectrum of leads, you position yourself to target your desired audience.

Agolix by Assessment Generator now includes AI question generator

The Role Of Assessment In Lead Generation

    Assessments, quizzes, and surveys are powerful tools for lead generation. With any of these options, you can gather valuable insights and information on a potential client.

    Assessments, in particular, are an invaluable lead-generation tool due to the strong level of engagement they facilitate. When utilizing an assessment, you not only gain valuable information from a potential client but then can use that information to provide real-time feedback.

    This feedback can manifest in various forms, whether as a personalized recommendation, a downloadable PDF report, or any format aligning with your chosen method of sharing recommendations and expertise. Notably, assessments can seamlessly complement other lead-generation endeavors, such as webinars or social media.

    Including an assessment in your approach allows you to delve deeper into the profiles of those interacting with you. This deeper understanding enables you to follow up in a more personalized manner, adding a professional touch to your interactions. It’s a strategic move that enhances your lead-generation efforts and positions you as a seasoned professional in your field.

    Automating The Lead Generating Process

      Assessments provide a great deal of flexibility in the lead generation process. Take, for instance, the strategic placement of an assessment on a landing page. Whether as a pop-up on the first visit or positioned further down the page, this creates a seamless opportunity for those interested in engaging with your offerings.  

      It’s a simple, automated step that you only need to set up once – but it can lead to great results.

      Imagine a scenario where a life coach strategically links assessments in communications, leveraging email signatures and newsletters. The beauty of automation shines as leads seamlessly become part of your marketing funnel through integrations, such as with Zapier. Tag them appropriately, such as “new leads,” streamlining tracking in your lead generation process.

      Agolix’s advanced features seamlessly integrate assessments with various CRM software, allowing you to continue meaningful conversations with respondents long after they complete their assessment. Whether utilizing Zapier for automated emails or adding new contacts to your mailing list, the possibilities are endless!

      The time saved through automation provides the freedom to allocate your efforts strategically. It’s not just efficient; it’s an advantage in optimizing your lead generation endeavors. Automation and integrations work tirelessly, even while you sleep, ensuring your engagement with potential clients remains continuous and effective.

      Agolix by Assessment Generator now includes AI question generator

      Other Considerations When Working With Leads

        Beyond its pivotal role in lead generation, an assessment proves to be a valuable asset for effectively qualifying leads. Business owners may get overwhelmed with lead gen, but with assessments, once it’s set up to their liking, it can be a well-oiled machine. Agolix also has resources to help ask the right questions to get better info from the assessment.

        Qualifying leads through assessments involves a straightforward yet crucial criterion: did the person engage with the assessment? While it may seem like a simple question, if someone isn’t interested in taking your assessment, are they really that interested in working with you? 

        If they do take the assessment, you find yourself equipped with valuable information. However, a nuanced challenge may arise if their responses reveal a misalignment with your expertise or the services you provide. But don’t stress too much about that— it’s great to know if someone isn’t the right fit! Now, you can spend more time on leads that are a good fit for you and your business. 

        We’ve been talking about collecting a lot of information throughout this article, some of which may be sensitive. When it comes to data privacy and compliance, Agolix has you covered. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the protections we provide and consider incorporating your business’s privacy policy for an added layer of transparency.

        Empower Your Lead Generation With Agolix

          We’ve covered a lot here – from why lead generation is important, how you can practice targeted lead generation, and how you can utilize assessments in this process.

          Are you ready to get started? We know assessments will make your life easier – and we’ve got the results to prove it!

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          Cindy Sideris
          Cindy Sideris

          Cindy Sideris is a NY-based writer passionate about engagement marketing and an expert on online assessment strategy.