Imagine having the ability to streamline your business processes while simultaneously attracting and retaining clients with ease. For many small business owners, coaches, and consultants, this is not just a dream but a necessity to thrive in today’s competitive market.

At Agolix®, we understand the unique challenges you face. That’s why we offer solutions designed to make your work more manageable and your results more impactful. Our tools are created with your needs in mind, blending approachability, ease of use, and customization. And, if you have any questions along the way or if you have special requirements, we’re always happy to meet with you to help, one on one.

It’s well known that having a streamlined lead generation & conversion process is key to attracting and retaining clients. These things take time and effort, but with the Agolix suite of solutions, we aim to help you automate (yet personalize!) the process a bit more.

Agolix is an incredibly useful engagement tool whether you are a coach, consultant, or small business owner. Our assessments are a great way to apply the powerful principle of engagement marketing, attracting and vetting new leads automatically. Plus, you can use assessments with your existing clients to identify gaps you can help to fill and to measure results.

In this blog, we’ll dive deeper into the values and mission of Agolix and how our services can empower you to unlock new opportunities in your business!

Unveiling Agolix’s Value and Mission

Agolix’s mission is to empower business owners – and therefore their businesses – to thrive. We do so with an innovative suite of solutions, spanning assessments and automated reporting, that help you better engage with your customers.

Have you ever considered using an assessment for lead generation? This type of tool lets you truly customize your lead gen process, providing a preview of your expertise to potential clients without adding to your workload. 

With our Assessment Generator™, not only can you streamline your lead generation and conversion processes, but you can also follow up with personalized reports and feedback.

So, how does it all work?

Agolix lets you create personalized assessments that are tailored to your needs and those of your ideal clients. Are you looking to gather information about prospective customers? You can create an assessment for that. How about learning more about what a current customer may be struggling with, and how you can help them? There’s an assessment to help with that, too! Throughout your assessment-creation process, you can tailor questions, fonts, branding, and more to reach your audience and keep your brand front and center.

The reporting functionality is one of the most valuable components of an Agolix assessment. You can share feedback with your leads and customers immediately, providing them with personalized analysis and insights based on their scores in the form of a branded PDF report. This builds trust and establishes your credibility as an expert in your field! Leveraging the marketing principle of reciprocity, these reports represent something of value that you’re giving your respondents for free. When you follow up with them, they already know who you are and are more likely to engage.

As we like to say about our software – it is “Brilliance Automated®.” This is one way to establish greater credibility with leads, and truly “package” up your brilliance in a report that someone can refer back to again and again! We believe that this type of tailored, personalization-at-scale will be a game-changer for your business, allowing you to broaden your impact and reach across leads and current customers, all without costing you valuable time. 

Exploring Agolix’s Brand Attributes

Agolix is proud to have the following core brand attributes, which in turn help you succeed with your brand and business:

  • Innovation – we work to push the boundaries of what is possible while keeping customers top of our mind. Through our use of automation and lead optimization, we support your marketing efforts with a tech-forward approach to customization. 
  • Personalization – we believe no two clients and businesses are the same. Therefore, you shouldn’t have to use software that can’t be tailored to YOU! We’ll work with you to understand your unique needs and preferences and help you create a unique brand experience for your customers.
  • Accessibility – we believe that custom lead generation solutions should be accessible to everyone. No matter your business or budget, there is an assessment tool you can use and customize to fit your needs. We’ll work with you to remove barriers in creating the best assessment experience for your business.
  • Customer-Obsessed – we’re like, totally obsessed with you! But really – we put our customers first and want you to succeed. From having easily accessible customer support (yes, real humans!) to continuously improving our offerings based on feedback, we want you to win!

Our values don’t stop there – we’re here to support you and your business and help you succeed! From an online user guide to personalization and customization within assessments to creating a welcoming atmosphere for learning and creating – we are here with you every step of the way. 

Understanding Agolix’s Standout Features

What are some of the standout features you can utilize when creating an assessment with our software?

Do you want to add your brand colors and imagery to an assessment? Easy! How about embedding your assessment into a web page, email, or other marketing collateral? Piece of cake. We also have seamless integrations with most CRM systems as well as thousands of other apps to further automate your marketing funnel.

What happens if you run into an issue along the way? Don’t worry; we offer a high-touch customer service experience, with team members ready to help. You can easily send a message or email via our website – or even book a one-on-one meeting for personalized support!

Let’s dive into numbers: are you worried this won’t be an option for you as a small business? Are you afraid of having to shell out hundreds of dollars per month? We’ve got you! Our pricing model is affordable, and best of all – transparent. Feel free to check it out here and pick which option is best for you.

Our Assessment Generator™ software helps you showcase expertise and credibility through customizable assessments and automated reporting, facilitating a conversation between you and your clients

Unlike other assessment or survey platforms, our software lets you integrate seamlessly with your current marketing and outreach. From fonts and colors to links, reports, and embedded code, we’ve got you covered wherever – and however – you’d like to share your assessments.

As you’ve learned here, Assessment Generator™ by Agolix is a truly bespoke marketing tool for any business. It’s up to you how to best use it as part of your marketing toolkit to generate and nurture leads.


As a brand that values innovation, personalization, accessibility, and most importantly, our customers – we want you to feel supported on your quest to grow your business and support your clients! Our software aims to remove the impersonal nature of surveys and assessments, and help you tailor them to feel like YOU!

That way, you can generate the right kind of leads (hello, bringing in your people!) and keep them with you through personalized, streamlined communications. 

Let’s get started together, today – click here to begin creating your very own personalized assessment!

Cindy Sideris
Cindy Sideris

Cindy Sideris is a NY-based writer passionate about engagement marketing and an expert on online assessment strategy.