Getting Started

Get Started Quickly

Create and set up your first assessment quickly using default settings. Modify as needed to reach your desired result.

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Assessment Setup

Add assessment title, progress bar, header, and footer. Decide to present questions by section or number of assessments per page. Present questions in the entered order or randomize them. Enter accompanying text and thumbnail image for sharing your assessment on social media channels.

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Build Your Questions

Add instructions and questions to your assessment. Choose from 9 different question formats. Include multiple question formats or stick to your favorite.

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Style Your Assessment

Choose the layout for your assessment. Add your brand colors and fonts, or select from the provided fonts and color palettes. Set the default font and font size for your assessment. Include a background image. Modify the text on buttons and other text elements. Preview your assessment as you make changes.

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Define Scores & Types

Define scoring and enter score-based feedback for Simple, Type, and Multi-type assessments. Learn more about the differences between the different scoring models.

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Deliver Results

Set up respondent registration, configure how respondents receive their results, send results to external applications, set up alert emails, and redirect respondents.

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Design Your PDF Report

Create printable PDF reports for assessment results. Include dynamic content, a cover page, a graph, score-based feedback, and a call-to-action.

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Ready to Share

Get your unique URL for sharing your assessment, including embed and pop-up codes. Generate access codes to control or sell access to your assessment and use group tags to organize responses that belong together.

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Review Responses

View, filter, and export assessment responses. Examine individual responses to each question. Export bulk responses in CSV format to analyze in your preferred spreadsheet program.

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Explore Special Topics

Explore Special Topics

Learn more about available features for Advanced and Private Label plans. Firm up your term knowledge with the Glossary.

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Access Account Options

Update your password, locate your API key, and insert your brand name & email address. Find your unique referral code to share with your friends and colleagues.

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