Assessment software, like Agolix by Assessment Generator, helps you craft professional, creative, and interactive online assessments. These can range from anything to lead generation quizzes or progress surveys that help you maximize productivity and bolster your services. Assessments are an incredible engagement marketing tool, allowing you to interact with leads and clients in a non-traditional way. Sounds exciting? Read on to learn more about making assessment software like Agolix work for YOU!

How does it work?

With assessment software, you can quickly say goodbye to using generic online forms, paper and pen, or manual scoring to gather and synthesize client information. Agolix lets you craft beautiful, personalized assessments from the ground up – so they can seamlessly integrate into your current marketing strategy. Our assessments are also easy to share, whether in your email signature, on a landing page, or during a webinar. 

Agolix offers three ways to score your assessments – Simple, Type, and Multi-type. We want you to truly be able to customize your assessment and its scoring so you can provide the best results for your business and clients.

Strapped for time and wondering where to begin? We have a variety of sample assessments and time-saving tips and tricks available to you on the Agolix website. Feel free to check out our new assessment validation services to increase your assessment reliability and success further!

What is Assessment Software? Automated quizzes, assessments, tests and surveys

Fast, Personalized Results

A huge benefit of assessment software like Agolix is that it helps you to provide quick feedback through personalized reports to clients. These dynamic reports are further customizable; for example, you can create a branded cover page using your business colors and fonts. You can also include images in your reports to illustrate points further and drive home your brand messaging. Our reports also allow you to add headers, footers, charts, and other creative elements to better showcase results and your feedback.

These reports are a game-changer for providing information and benefits to your respondents. With them, you can provide fast, efficient follow-ups and takeaways that are still extremely useful and thoughtful. This feedback shows your clients – or potential clients – the value you bring. It’s a chance to truly let your expertise shine through!

Are you ready to create an assessment and experience renewed success? Get started here today!

Cindy Sideris

Cindy Sideris

Cindy Sideris is a NY-based writer passionate about engagement marketing and an expert on online assessment strategy.