An assessment, like a survey, can be an invaluable tool for you and your business. Both assessments and surveys allow you to gather client data. Assessments allow you to take things a step further and offer expert feedback and tailored results to your clients.

Are you looking to foster greater engagement with your current clients, or bring in new ones with ease? It might be time for you to try using assessments! Below, we’ll take a look at some of the main differences between assessments and surveys, and how to best utilize an assessment.


Surveys: A one-way street

A survey is intended for one main purpose – to gather information that the survey creators can use. Therefore, feedback to the respondent of the survey is typically limited to a “thank you” or “the survey is complete.” That’s not very personal!

Common uses for surveys include:

  • Customer service – How was your experience at our store or with our work?
  • Product feedback – How did your recent purchase work out for you?
  • Scientific – surveys intended to gather data on a particular topic for research or a study

Agolix can certainly be used for these types of surveys, but it offers so much more in terms of customer engagement and feedback.

If you’re looking for something more than a survey, and to really have a meaningful conversation and relationship with new or potential customers, an assessment may be just the thing for your business.


Assessments vs Surveys

Assessments: An Engaging Conversation

An assessment is unique in that, in addition to answering questions, respondents can receive direct feedback from you. If surveys are a one-way flow of information, assessments are more like a conversation. After your respondent answers your question, they immediately receive feedback from you based on their answers. You define that feedback, and it can be as simple or as detailed as you like. With these additions, assessments become a powerful engagement and lead generation tool.

This all sounds great, right?! But how does it work? First, you craft your assessment. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry; we offer many resources, such as our ebook on How to Create Assessments, to help you build the most successful assessment for YOU. Unlike most surveys, assessments can also be incredibly personalized and tailored to match your brand. Seamlessly integrate them into your business, and get them out into the world!

Once a respondent submits an assessment, Agolix automatically calculates score(s) based on how the respondent answered the questions. As the author of the assessment, you get to decide how your assessment is scored. You can choose to calculate an overall score or scores for each type (or category) you define. You can also enter feedback that is provided automatically based on each respondent’s results.


Assessments vs. Surveys

What Assessment Should I Create?

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don’t worry – our new website breaks down the different types of assessments to make it easy for you. Click here to test out some Simple, Type-Based, or Multi-Type Assessments for yourself, and discover which is the best to meet your current needs!
Through the use of assessments, you can completely automate your lead generation process with Agolix. No, we’re not kidding! Instead of spending hours doing one-on-one evaluations and free consultations, try using an assessment to help find the clients that fit best with your offerings. It’s efficient and will save both you and your clients valuable time, effort, and headaches! An automated assessment frees you up to really focus on your passion of helping people to reach their goals. Isn’t that why you went into business in the first place?

Ready to get started? Click here to create your account and start creating eye-catching, engaging assessments for free!

Cindy Sideris

Cindy Sideris

Cindy Sideris is a NY-based writer passionate about engagement marketing and an expert on online assessment strategy.