Select Your Assessment Scoring Model

Choosing a Scoring Model #

When creating your assessment, you must determine which scoring model best meets your requirements.

Agolix offers three different assessment scoring models, which are described below.

Simple Assessments #

Simple Assessment provides a score based on a respondent’s answers. That’s like a school test without any right and wrong answers.

For example, an assessment can ask, “How likely would you enjoy a visit to the UK?” and answer out of 100%. You can set the range of scores from 1 to 100 or any other number. And you can provide custom feedback depending on the respondent’s score, such as: “Your score of 89% shows you would likely enjoy visiting the UK very much.”

Type Assessments #

Type Assessment assigns a respondent to one of several categories. That’s like the Sorting Hat in Harry Potter that assigns each new student to one of the four houses in the school.

For example, an assessment can ask, “Are you more of a Pub Person or a Museum Person?” The answer to each question scores points for one or another type. You can assign the respondent to any type based on their scores and then give them a description of that type, such as: “You are a Pub Person who enjoys a lively time out with friends.”

Multi-Type Assessments #

Multi-type Assessment rates a respondent in each of several categories. That’s like a report card that gives you grades or scores in several subjects.

For example, an assessment can ask, “What would you most like to study in college: arts, sciences, or business?” You can give the respondent a score for every type, along with custom feedback: “You scored High on interest in sciences. That means you will likely be very motivated if you major in science. Here are some resources to guide you… You scored Medium on interest in the area of business. That means this may not be the best choice for your major. Here are some resources to help you learn more… And you scored Low in arts. That means this would not be a good choice for your major.” 

Check out Creating Your First Assessment for details on creating an assessment with the appropriate score model.

 Please review the rest of the User Guide to learn more about our software.

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