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Fuel your marketing with the right intel, impress your clients, and get the brand visibility you deserve.

On Brand Assessments

Use your own colors, logos, and brand images in your assessment to match your brand and create consistent touch points within all of your brand assets.

Win - Win Assessment Results

Customers get to learn more about themselves in your realm of expertise, and you get to know them on a deeper level, so you can qualify them and prescribe the best solution for them.

Effortless List Building

Automatically send respondents’ contact information to your marketing automation software and create segments based on their responses.
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This is a wonderful tool for anyone developing a transformational process for their clients. You can’t decide to go somewhere if you don’t know where you’re at. That’s what the assessments are there for. They get something for free and I get a client very often for life.

I highly recommend Assessment Generator because their assessments are easy to set up, they look great, and they reliably work well. Assessment Generator is constantly improving their features and their customer support is nothing short of consistently stellar!

Amazing overall experience with the tool and the team. I would highly recommend it to coaches, authors or business owners who are trying to create an engagement tool or lead magnet for their business.

Real people. Real wins.

Agolix by Assessment Generator helps our clients build their authority on autopilot, attract highly qualified leads, and design high-touch coaching and consulting services.

Our online assessment tool is for:


Understand the priorities of all stakeholders. Focus on what moves the needle.

Agolix equips you to lead the change with a collaborative approach. Identify priorities, assess capabilities, and help your clients make informed decisions at every step.

“I really like the way it works because it scores the assessment for us and we’re able to see where people land.”

Stacey Gordon


Stacey Gordon


Welcome your audience
behind the scenes. Show the impact coaching can have.

Agolix works for every stage of your business. Cultivate curiosity with a lead generation quiz, multiply your impact by measuring client progress, and get feedback to fine-tune your efforts.

“When I was looking for an assessment tool, I wanted one that would allow me to create ‘types’ within my assessment, for example options for personality types and EQ categories. Only Assessment Generator was able to do this easily. Creating questions and questions on types was incredibly easy.”




Identify your clients’ strengths, weaknesses, and goals up front.
Position yourself as the best choice.

Agolix works for every stage of your business. Cultivate curiosity with a lead generation quiz, multiply your impact by measuring client progress, and get feedback to fine-tune your efforts.

“I use it in a number of different ways to provide value to my clients and connect with them deeper so I can serve them better”




Not tech savvy?
Get hands on support for your online assessment.

Get 1:1 support to transform your written questionnaire, quiz, or assessment into a beautiful, automated, online version.
Your audience will receive valuable feedback and benefit from your expertise, while you gain new prospects and clients.

Support for your online assessment

Yes, we have ready-made assessments
and other questions you may have…

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    What kinds of online assessments do you offer?

    Agolix features three kinds of assessments, which determine how each assessment will be scored:

    Simple assessment:

    Provides a score based on a respondent’s answers. That’s like a school test without any right and wrong answers.

    For example, an assessment can ask, “How likely would you enjoy a visit to the UK?” and answer out of 100%. You can set the range of scores from 1 to 100 or any other number. And you can provide custom feedback depending on the respondent’s score, such as: “Your score of 89% shows you would likely enjoy visiting the UK very much.”

    Type assessment

    Assigns a respondent to one of several categories. That’s like the Sorting Hat in Harry Potter that assigns each new student to one of the four houses in the school.

    For example, an assessment can ask, “Are you more of a Pub Person or a Museum Person?” The answer to each question scores points for one or another type. You can assign the respondent to any type based on their scores and then give them a description of that type, such as: “You are a Pub Person who enjoys a lively time out with friends.”

    Multi-type assessment:

    Rates a respondent in each of several categories. That’s like a report card that gives you grades or scores in several subjects.

    For example, an assessment can ask, “What would you most like to study in college: arts, sciences, or business?” You can give the respondent a score for every type, along with custom feedback: “You scored High on interest in sciences. That means you will likely be very motivated if you major in science. Here are some resources to guide you… You scored Medium on interest in the area of business. That means this may not be the best choice for your major. Here are some resources to help you learn more… And you scored Low in arts. That means this would not be a good choice for your major.”

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    What question formats do you support?

    With agolix, you can ask questions in all these different formats:

    • Binary: Answer by choosing one item from a set of opposites, such as Yes/No or True/False
    • Checkbox: Answer by checking a box or leaving it blank
    • Drop-down: Answer by selecting from a drop-down list
    • Narrative: Answer by typing free-form text (supports multiple sentences or paragraphs).
    • Numeric: Answer with a number
    • Options: Answer by choosing one item from a list (also known as Multiple Choice)
    • Ranking: Answer by arranging a list of items in order (Type and Multi-type Assessments only)
    • Scale: Answer by choosing a number on a scale, such as 1 to 5 or 1 to 10
    • Validation: Answer with text to be validated for proper date, email, or URL format
    • *With an Advanced or higher account you can use Conditional Logic questions. This question format lets you show or hide certain questions depending on the answer to a previous question. This is also known as “skip logic” or “conditional branching”.

    You can give scores to many question formats (binary, checkbox, options, ranking, or scale).

    Some other formats (drop-down, narrative, numeric entry, and validated text entry) are not scored. These are better for collecting qualitative and demographic information from your respondents.

    You can mix different types of questions in the same assessment.

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    How do I share my assessment with others?

    Every assessment you create in agolix receives a unique web address (URL). You can link that URL to a button on your website, send it in an email, or share it on social media.

    You can also embed your assessment in an iframe or a pop-up window on your website.

    To see more, check out Sharing Your Assessment.

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    Will my assessment work on mobile devices?

    Yes. Your assessments will work on all major brands of mobile devices. In fact, more than half of our client’s assessments are filled out on mobile devices.

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    How do my respondents see their results?

    You can show your respondents their results in several different ways. You can use any or all of these methods:

    • Display the results on-screen
    • Send the results in an email
    • Send the results as a PDF report they can view or print

    You can customize the results depending on the respondent’s score.

    Or you can simply show your respondents a thank-you screen with no customized results.

    To see more, check out Setting Up How Users Receive Their Results.

    And with an Advanced or Private Label plan, you can redirect your respondents to a page on your website based on their score.

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    What kind of ready-made assessments do you offer?

    We offer ready-to-use assessments for Life and Wellness, Business and Entrepreneurship, and Career and Executive coaches and consultants. Please visit Ready-to-Use Assessments for more details.

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    Can I create paid assessments?

    Yes. You can use Digital Access Codes to control access to your assessment. You can either generate and send codes manually or configure your online store so that you can sell your assessment and deliver codes to buyers automatically.

    You can also embed the assessment in a page on your site using an iframe, and then place that page behind a paywall or membership portal.

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