Advanced Features

Advanced Plan Benefits #

Automation, security features, enhanced reporting, and more make the Advanced Plan our best value.

The Advanced plan builds on all of the features of the Basic plan to help you make the most of your assessment:

Enhanced PDF Reporting #

Add polish to your PDF reports with a cover page, page headers & footers, cover background images, and body background images.

When you enable PDF reporting on the “Results” tab of your assessment editor, you’ll see a “Report” tab appear:

Enable PDF Reporting

On the “Report” tab, you can set up a cover page, headers, and footers for your report. You can also upload background images for your cover page and the body of your report. 

See Design PDF Report Content the User Guide for more details.

Leverage Conditional Logic #

Using conditional logic, you can show respondents additional questions based on how they answer individual questions.

This feature, sometimes called skip logic or conditional branching, allows you to further customize your assessment based on each respondent’s situation.

For more details, please see Add Conditional Logic in the User Guide.

Protect / Sell Your Assessments with Access Codes #

Requiring a digital access code prevents unauthorized users from accessing your assessment.

For example, you might have an assessment that you use in your coaching or consulting practice that should only be available to clients who have signed up for your program, or perhaps you have an assessment that you want to make available for purchase.

There are two ways to use access codes with your assessment:

Require Access Codes

For more details, please see Protecting Assessments with Digital Access Codes in the User Guide.

Automate your Workflow with Integrations #

Add respondents to your CRM software automatically with a Zapier integration.

With our Basic plan, you can download your respondents’ contact information as a CSV file, which you can use to follow up with leads generated by your assessment.

However, many of our clients have an email list manager or CRM that they use to manage their contacts and leads. Integrations allow you to automate sharing leads generated by your assessment with your list manager. This feature is available for Advanced, Private Label, and Enterprise plans.

Agolix works with Zapier, which provides the “glue” between your assessment and your list manager or CRM. Zapier works with thousands of internet applications, most of which can be used with a free Zapier account.

Depending on your tool, you can automatically kick off a customized email autoresponder sequence based on the respondent’s score. This is the essence of engagement marketing. You learn about your potential client by asking questions and providing customized feedback for their unique needs.

Although powerful, integrations are not hard to set up thanks to Zapier’s easy-to-use interface. Our user guide has all the details.

Custom Integrations #

Webhook integrations enable sharing responses to your website and other applications.

If you need a direct integration to a custom web services endpoint that you or your web developer has created, you can use a webhook integration to connect that endpoint with your assessment.

Select from 1000+ Google Fonts #

With the Advanced Plan, in addition to the “Native Nine” fonts (Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana, Comic Sans MS, Courier New, Georgia, Lucinda Sans Unicode, Tahoma, and Trebuchet), you can select from 1000+ Google fonts to add to your assessment editor menus.

Search for a font by name or select from the “Select Fonts” button in the “Style” tab. You can select up to 5 Google fonts to add to the assessment editor menus.

Select assessment fonts

Score-Based Redirects #

Redirect to a different URL based on how the respondent scored on your assessment.

All of our accounts offer the ability to redirect the respondent back to a page on your website after they complete the assessment. This capability allows you to ensure that your respondent ends up on your website after they’re done with the assessment.

The Advanced plan offers the additional capability to redirect to a different website based on how the respondent scored on the assessment. This allows you to customize the respondent’s experience further, providing them with content specific to their needs.

You can set up score-based redirects for Simple assessments based on the respondent’s numeric score and, for Type assessments, based on which type the respondent scored highest in.

See Redirect Respondents to Different URLs Based on Score in the User Guide.

Custom Plugins #

Add custom scoring and graphs to your assessment, or create a custom PDF report.

Many of our clients have unique requirements for processing their assessment results and presenting their reports. For a one-time fee, our in-house development team will create a custom-coded plugin just for your assessment to meet your unique requirements. Some examples of work that we’ve done for our clients include:

  • Custom reports. You can have your graphic designer (or ours) develop a beautiful, professional report for your assessment. The options are almost unlimited when it comes to the content and layout of the report.
  • Custom scoring. If you have unique scoring requirements for your assessment, we can create a custom scoring module to meet them. One example is the use of sub-types. Our out-of-the-box solution supports scoring by type, but if you need sub-types, our development team can handle that.
  • Custom graphs. If you need a chart (or even more than one chart) for your report that is not one of our standard chart types, we can help.

These are the most common types of customizations. Please contact us for a quote or if you have a requirement that isn’t listed above.


Please review the rest of the User Guide to learn more about our software.

Thank you for choosing Agolix by Assessment Generator!

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