Tag Responses by Group

Unique URL for Each Group #

Have you ever wanted to give your assessment to a specific group of clients?

Maybe you’re leading a seminar. Wouldn’t it be great for your attendees to take your assessment on their phones during one of your sessions?

Or maybe you’re working with a company. You’d like to give them one of your tried and true assessments. How will you separate their results from everyone who’s already completed your assessment?

With Agolixyou can offer a unique URL to each group that takes your assessment!

And you can do this with each assessment in your account, whether they are newly created… or assessments you’ve used for years.

How Tagging Works #

You define a group for each set of respondents that you want to be associated with a special tag.

The group name is then embedded in your assessment URL, and you give that URL only to the corresponding group of people.

Then, every person who takes your assessment from that link receives your group tag.

It’s that simple.

Set Up Tagging #

Start from your list of assessments in your Agolix account.

(This is the screen you see when you first log into your account. You can also get there by selecting “My Assessments” from the “Actions” menu in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.)

Select the “Share Assessment” link from the menu underneath your assessment.

Share Assessment Link

On the “Sharing Your Assessment” page, you’ll see 3 tabs that offer different ways to share your assessment.

Segment Responses by Group #

Start by checking the “Segment responses by group” option:

Segment Responses by Group enabled

Add a New Group Tag #

Enter your group name and click on the “Add Group” button:


Create a new Group

Select a Group Tag #

Or select a previously used group name from the list (if you have any):

Select a group

Share Assessments with Group Tags #

Your URL changes to include a tag with the group name that you selected:

Embed #

Note that the same group name is also included with your embed snippet:

Popup #

The same is true for your popup code snippets:

Excluding the Group Tag #

To go back to the regular URL without a group name, deselect the “Segment Responses by Group” checkbox.

Each URL variant will continue to work for as long as your assessment is enabled.

This way, multiple groups can take your assessment, and you can easily analyze their assessment results at any time.

View Your Group’s Responses #

From your assessment dashboard, select the “Responses” link for your assessment.

View Assessment Responses

Responses are shown on this page with their corresponding group tags. When using an assessment URL without a group tag, none will appear for those responses.

Assessment Responses with Group Tag

The group tag will also show up in your CSV results download.

You can even send your group tag in Zaps to your CRM software.


Change (edit) a Group Tag Name #

To change only one tag name for one respondent: Start on your My Assessments page and click on Share Assessment. Next, click on Actions (upper right onscreen) then Select View Responses. Find the respondent you’d like to edit and click on Details under their name. Click on Update Contact Info (upper right onscreen). Edit the Group name and click Save.

To edit or remove Tags for one whole group, on the View Responses page Click on Update Groups.

Enter a New Group Name and click Update.

Please review the rest of the User Guide to learn more about our software.

Thank you for choosing Agolix by Assessment Generator!

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