Configure Report Body Content

Upload Body Background Image #

With AdvancedPrivate Label, and Enterprise plans, you’ll see a place where you can upload a background image for the body of your PDF report.

You can include a watermark or other graphics to frame your report content.

PDF Body Pages Background Image

Once uploaded, this image will show on every page of your report except for the cover page.

NOTE: Page sizing for the PDF report is US Letter Size (8.5 inches x 11 inches). We recommend an image size of 1275 pixels wide x 1650 pixels high for best results.

Add Introductory Content #

In the editor window, you can add some introductory content (text, images, or video).

PDF Report Introductory Text

After each respondent completes your assessment, the introductory content will precede numeric assessment results and other feedback content (i.e., score interpretations and type descriptions) in the PDF report.

Dynamic Content Settings #

Next, you have several options from which to choose for the PDF Report. These settings determine how dynamic content is included in the respondent’s assessment results.

Dynamic Content Settings for PDF Report

Show Numeric Scores #

Show the numeric score for a Simple assessment (or scores for a Type or Multi-type assessment).

Show Chart in Results #

Show a graphical representation of the scores. A gauge chart for Simple assessments is shown, while the chart format for Type and Multi-type assessments is configured on the Types tab.

Show Questions and Responses #

Show all the questions in your assessment and your respondent’s response to each question.

Include Question Notes #

When “Show questions and responses” is enabled, also show the question notes in the assessment results.

Show the Sum of Scores for All Types #

With Type and Multi-type assessments, this setting provides an option to include the sum of all scores.

Score Interpretation & Type Description Options #

Simple Assessments #

Next, for Simple assessments, you can decide which score interpretations are shown to the respondents.

Show Score Interpretation Text

The default setting shows only the score interpretation for the score range corresponding to the respondent’s score.

However, you can choose to show the interpretation for ALL score ranges or opt not to show any.

Type Assessments #

For Type assessments, you can determine which type descriptions are shown to respondents.

Show Type Description

Multi-Type Assessments #

For Multi-type assessments, you can show the corresponding score interpretations for all types based on each respondent’s score.

Show Score Interpretations for Types

Concluding Text #

At the bottom of the page is an editor window for some concluding or additional explanatory text.

Assessment Results Concluding Text

This is a great place to link your website and contact information and offer a call to action (CTA).

Save Your Changes #

Click the “Save” button to return to the “Results” page.


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