Quick Start: Assessment Set-Up

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Setup Tab #

The “Setup” tab is where you configure the highest-level settings for your assessment.

We’ll leave most of these settings in their default state, but we want to customize the assessment’s title, header, and footer.

Click the “Title” field on the “Setup” tab and enter a title for your assessment.

Next, we’ll edit the “Assessment Header.” When you hover over this field, you’ll see an “Edit” link in the lower-left corner of the field, which you can click to edit your assessment header. You’ll see this behavior throughout Agolix.

When you click “Edit,” a popup window shows a text editor. You can use this tool to enter and format text so that your assessment looks right. For now, double-click the text “New Assessment” to select it and enter the title of your assessment. Double-click the new text and select “24” in the “Size” dropdown menu in the formatting toolbar. Click “Save” to save your changes.

Next, modify your assessment footer by following the same process for that field.

Please see Setting Up Your Assessment for more details.


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