Walt Bennett

“This platform was incredibly easy to use and intuitive to learn. I had our first assessment up and running just an hour after logging in. For our applications, we needed some pretty complex customization. The AG team was incredibly responsive and really dug in to...

Jim Purcell

“Ease of use; great reporting. Setting it up was relatively easy. Particularly the scoring system, which I expected would be difficult. Great supportive help from AG staff. Also, they were responsive to follow-up calls.”

Teresa Mitrovic

“The range of functionality at this price point was unparalleled when we chose it. It allowed us to create bespoke assessments that provide meaningful results for our clients, rather than having to fit into the box of big brand survey tools or quiz...

Fred Diamond

“Easy to use. Instant results available to users on-screen and via email. These features make the tool extremely engaging.”