First of all – welcome! We’re so excited you’re here. Assessments are an incredibly engaging marketing tool to add to your toolbox. You’re on your way to creating valuable content that will help you generate leads and build new relationships.

As someone new to creating assessments, you may wonder where to start.

> How is an assessment different from a survey?
> What kinds of assessments can you create?
> What are the goals of an assessment,
> and how can you personalize the assessment?

Don’t worry – we’ll cover all the basics here so you can start building assessments like a seasoned professional!

Creating Your First Assessment

Before you begin creating your assessment, we highly recommend checking out our extensive User Guide. This guide was created with newer customers exactly like you in mind and includes an easy-to-follow tutorial on creating your first assessment. It also contains information about the different kinds of assessments you can create, such as “Simple,” “Type,” or “Multi-type” assessments. Feel free to change around some default options if you’d like – or keep the defaults at first to get a feel for the software. You can always go back to edit or change something once you’ve better understood the features. Have fun and explore as you set up your assessment and familiarize yourself with the options!

You’re New To Assessment Generator: Now What?

What Are Your Goals for Your Assessment?

Similar to other marketing tools, an assessment should have a goal. Are you looking to learn more about your target customers? Do you want to re-engage your current customers? Sell a new product or service?

Assessments let you not only share your skills and expertise – but they allow you to gather valuable information from your clients. Through the assessment process, questions are answered that give you unique insights into your current or target customer base. You can then share results and feedback with those respondents, taking things to the next level.

Tailor your questions to whatever your goals are for each assessment, and be amazed at the results and information you can gather!

How Can You Personalize an Assessment?

From question types to style, Agolix provides you with many ways to personalize your assessment. You will see the variety of question types you can choose from as you begin to explore the assessment-creation process. Certain types may be better suited to a specific question; for instance, if you ask for “State” and want to provide a streamlined drop-down list versus having respondents type in potentially different answers such as “NY” or “New York.”

Regarding styling your assessment, we make it easy to incorporate your brand colors and general creativity! Choose from different font colors, layouts, background images, and more!

Most importantly, have fun and keep your respondents in mind by asking yourself: What will help them remain engaged with this assessment? What will help them better understand what you are asking? What will help YOU better understand their needs – and respond to them?

Enjoy the process, and let us know if you have any questions along the way; we’ve got your back, and we’re here to help!

Cindy Sideris

Cindy Sideris

Cindy Sideris is a NY-based writer passionate about engagement marketing and an expert on online assessment strategy.