Create polished and professional PDF reports for your assessments with Agolix by Assessment Generator.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve just released a significant enhancement for your assessment reports. It’s now super easy to add cover pages, headers/footers, and dynamic content to your PDF reports.

The materials you present to your clients and lead prospects are a reflection of you and your business. Available for Advanced and higher accounts, our new reporting capabilities let you put your best foot forward when presenting the customized results from your assessment.


New PDF Report Editor

When you opt to provide your respondents’ assessment results in a PDF report, you’ll now see a new “Report” tab in the assessment editor. There you can configure your cover page as well as the headers and footers that can appear on each subsequent page.

Report Tab

Click here to see one example of the type of PDF report you can create.


Add Merge Codes Easily

We’ve also added the ability to easily insert merge codes into your report.

Merge codes allow you to dynamically include the respondent’s name and email address, the current date, and page numbers in your PDF report.

Simply select a merge code from a dropdown menu in the content editor.

Merge Codes

New Page Break Tool

Another useful new feature is the page break tool that we’ve added to the content editors. For example, you might add a page break at the beginning of each of your type descriptions to ensure that each starts on a new page.

Insert Page Break for Printing

Preview Your PDF Report

While you’re working on your assessment you can check your progress by clicking the new “Preview Report” button.

Preview PDF Report

Clicking this button will show you a preview of your PDF report (while automatically populating your assessment with random responses to all of your questions).

Designing your assessment and PDF report is now so much easier!

Ready to get started?

Check out our User Guide for details — including a complete tutorial — on how you can enhance the PDF reports for your assessments.

If you have any questions about this or any other feature of Agolix, we’re happy to help!

Cindy Sideris

Cindy Sideris

Cindy Sideris is a NY-based writer passionate about engagement marketing and an expert on online assessment strategy.